Herbs for Meats and Vegetables
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay
Question from: Susy
Posted on: June 22, 2004

What herbs complement which meat you are preparing? I have begun a herb garden and I don’t know what herbs go with which types of meat. Also, which herbs go well with vegetables. I don’t know how to combine herbs to flavor and need help.

Sounds like you need a good cookbook! It’s best to have good recipes to follow with the proper proportion of herbs. In my book, "Thyme in the Kitchen -- Cooking with Fresh Herbs," you will learn about how to use herbs in cooking and what herbs go with meats and vegetable (see also my answer to a previous question "Cooking Vegetables with Herbs), what amounts to use, when to add them plus lots of tasty, easy recipes. There are recipes for rosemary or tarragon with chicken, lamb with mint sauce, roast beef with tarragon, veal with sage or veal shanks with thyme and bay leaf. It sometimes depends what else is with the meat in a dish or what it is being served with. Ideas for fish, eggs, etc. are also given as well as vegetables and vegetable soups and more, including drinks and desserts. To preview "Thyme in the Kitchen," please visit www.yvonnetremblay.com. It is also available from Richters.


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