Best Rosemary Variety for Flavor, Fading Chive Blossoms in Vinegar
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay and Conrad Richter
Question from: Gayle Henkin (New Jersey Master Gardener)
Posted on: March 02, 2005

Which rosemary variety is recommended for best flavor in Zone 6, Central New Jersey? We recognize that rosemary does not winter over here. I have grown ‘Blue Gem’ and ‘Logee’s Blue’ so far.

We not aware of any formal evaluation of rosemary cultivars based on flavour. Of course good flavour is highly subjective, so what might taste best for one person might not taste as good for another. Nonetheless, many cooks like ‘Rex’ and ‘Gorizia’ better than other varieties.

Do you know a solution to keep the lovely pink color that infuses white wine vinegar from pink chive blossoms? In our experience the pink color fades within months. We do not heat the vinegar but allow it to infuse in the dark for a month.

Chive flowers do make a beautiful and tasty vinegar. Once vinegar is infused with flavour and colour, the flowers are removed. You probably already are doing that. You are making and storing it correctly to keep it well. You may consider adding some Fruit Fresh (ascorbic acid colour keeper) that is used for keeping fruit from browning (oxidizing). I have not tried this myself but will give it a go in the spring. Please let us know how it works for you. You could add some to a portion of your vinegar and do a comparison.

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