Turmeric Powder
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay
Question from: Joko Akwara
Posted on: June 13, 2005

Please advice how I can use turmeric powder to cook.

Turmeric powder comes from the root of a tropical plant related to ginger, originating in the Orient, but now grown in India and the Caribbean. It has an intense yellow-orange colour and a bitter, pungent flavour. Generally it is added during the cooking of foods, not just added to cold foods like sauces or dressings. It is commonly used in East Indian cooking and is a component of curry mixtures. Like other spices or dried herbs, store in a glass jar in a cool, dark place -- that means, not in a plastic bag above your stove. I would advise a search for recipes that use it. It can be used with chicken, pork, shrimp, rice, potatoes, cauliflower, chick peas, etc.

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