How to Use Angelica
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay
Question from: Rev. Bonny Gilbert Ashe
Posted on: November 24, 2005

What are some uses for angelica?

Angelica, a member of the parsley family, has pale green stalks and looks and tastes a lot like celery. It grows in partial shade and likes rich, moist well-drained soil. Stalks are often candied and used to garnish desserts. Chopped, they may be stewed with rhubarb (1 part angelica, 3 parts rhubarb). Fresh leaves may be added to soups, stews, green salads and sauces, especially for fish. In some countries, stems are cooked and eaten with butter like asparagus. When cooking squash or sweet potato, make a bouquet garni (tied with string) of bay leaf and angelica leaf.

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