Lifespan of fresh cilantro?
Answered by: Yvonne Tremblay
Question from: No Name Given
Posted on: February 22, 2007

What is the lifespan of fresh cilantro?

Storage life of fresh cilantro, like most delicate leaf herbs (basil, dill) depends on several factors, including how fresh it was when you bought it. (If it is fresh picked from your garden, it will keep longer but then you may only wish to pick what you will use so it is always fresh. For store bought, usually it comes with the roots. If you are not using right away, place in a container of water, removing anything it is bound with, and cover loosely with a plastic bag, wrapping around container with an elastic to make a humid environment. Check each day and remove any yellowed, blackened or slimy leaves. Alternately (or when ready to use), removed roots, rinse well several times to remove sand. Dry using salad spinner if you have one. Wrap in long piece of paper towel, wrapping to enclose, then place in a plastic zip-lock bag; seal but retain a bit of air. The paper towel should be only slightly damp. If it is too wet the cilantro will go bad more quickly. It should now keep for 3 or 4 days. If you cannot use it all, chop finely and freeze.

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