Ginkgo Tree Alive But No Growth; Bo Tree Tall and Weak
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Matthew Bergstrom
Posted on: January 10, 2000

I bought a ginkgo tree from you last spring and repotted it rather than planting outside because we live in an apartment this year. It has had plenty of light with very little direct sunlight. I watered it moderately, and it has stayed very healthy except that there has been no growth at all. I know they are slow to grow, but I’ve read to expect 30cm approximately I figure less because it’s indoors, but is this normal?

Also my bo tree is very tall with no woody growth, and I can’t find as much info on this plant. Can this be pruned? Can I strengthen the trunk (90 cm tall 4mm wide and almost no wood) because it started flopping over with it’s own weight and I had to stake it.

Since you got the ginkgo tree from us in the spring, it had probably already made its growth for that year. Keep it close to freezing over the winter - this could be done by putting it onto a north windowsill and dropping a piece of plastic from the ceiling to the bottom edge of the sill, thereby preventing the heat from the room from getting to the plant and thereby keeping it much cooler than the temperature of the room it is in. In the spring it will break dormancy - it may even drop its leaves first - and give you next years 30 cm of growth.

The bo tree seems to be exhibiting symptoms of low light. Move it to a brighter window or under a double tube 4 foot(120 centimeter) flourescent light fixture. You can prune it as long as you do not remove too many of the leaves, especially since it is already having trouble producing enough food in the low light situation.

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