Your Orange Spice Thyme
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Anne W. Burke
Posted: Before April 1998

I’m fascinated by your description of your Orange Spice Thyme and I’d love to grow a plant or two. Tell me, please, will this plant thrive in my cold Connecticut winters? What are its requirements? I grow a lot of thymes, but never heard of one tasting of oranges.

Orange Spice(TM) thyme is so new that it has not been tested for hardiness. We guess that it is hardy to zone 6 at least, and possibly down to zone 4. As Orange Spice thyme is grown throughout the world we will get a better idea of its hardiness.

By the way, Orange Spice is not the first orange-scented thyme on the market. Orange Balsam thyme has been available for many years. It differs from Orange Spice in that its scent and flavour is not as spicy or as strongly orange-scented. Orange Balsam is also an upright thyme similar to English thyme whereas Orange Spice is a creeper like Lemon Carpet(TM) thyme.

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