Beebalm Variety Flavours
Answered by: Inge Poot
Question from: Pam Peirce
Posted on: August 4, 1998

My question concerns beebalm. I see that you offer some varieties that resist powdery mildew and have pink flowers, or are much shorter than the species with pink-lavender flowers. How do the cultivars ‘Marshall’s Delight’ or ‘Petite Delight’ compare to the species in terms of flavour? Are they as strong?

The leaves of Monarda didyma steeped in boiling water make a delightful herb tea.

All of the varieties of Monarda didyma have a flavour reminiscent of oregano. The variety ‘Marshall’s Delight’ is a little sharper than the seed grown variety, but has a lovely rich flavour. The variety ‘Petite Delight’ is a little milder than the seed grown variety.

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