Spanish Needle
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Joan Arnold
Posted on: October 18, 1998

Do you have an herb called SPANISH NEEDLE? If so, what is it’s purpose?

Spanish needle is also known as ‘yucca’ which is the name you will find it under in our online catalogue. Yucca roots contain a bitter, soapy substances called ‘saponins’. The roots can be used to make fine shampoos. Saponins are also proving to possess medicinal properties. Ginseng, for example, owes much of its medicinal properties to saponins. Saponins may turn out to have a role in helping to control the intake of cholesterol and excess fatty acids by binding with these in foods. This is presumed to be the reason why the Masai of Africa do not get heart disease or clogged arteries despite a diet that consists almost exclusively of milk, meat and blood. They are known to cook their meals with some bitter roots that happen to be high in saponins.

Can you ship it in the United States, if so what is it cost? Could I buy it in plant or seed form so that I could plant it. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs.

We offer seeds. They are slow and sporadic to germinate, taking 1-3 months to come up. The seeds are listed in our online catalogue under "Y Herbs".

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