Visiting Richters and Taking Plants Back to the United States
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Mary Ann
Posted on: January 17, 1999

I’m thrilled to find Richters on the web. I’ve just gotten your latest catalog in the mail and look forward to browsing through it. I see on your web site that you’re open to the public which is great, but I have some questions maybe you can help me with. I live in the US, about 3 hours from you. Is it possible to visit Richters and bring home plants and seeds across the border? Also, would I need any type of certificate, and are duty fees applicable?

Our plants are pre-authorized to enter the United States. When you come to the greenhouses tell the sales clerk that you are going back to the U.S. You will issued an invoice with a special plant health (phytosanitary) certificate sticker on it. When you reach the border, show the customs official the invoice and the plants will be allowed through without problems. It is theoretically possible that a USDA official will be asked to look at the plants, but USDA officials are always available at the major Canada-U.S. crossing points and you should not be delayed more than a few minutes if this happens.

Under the free trade agreement between Canada and the U.S., plants travel across the border with no duty charged.

A bonus: as of January, 1999, the Canadian dollar is trading below $0.70 U.S. This means that Americans save 30% or more when they buy in Canada.

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