Artemisia lactiflora
Answered by: Inge Poot, Conrad Richter
Question from: Judy Page
Posted on: January 17, 2000

I am looking for some information you can give me on Artemisia lactiflora. I notice in your catalogue you carry Artemisia vulgaris but not lactiflora. Is it listed under some other name? I’ve tried Mugwort. I’ve seen it on a couple of Canadian Gardening shows and read about it in Jo Ann Gardner’s book "Living With Herbs". Is this a hard plant to find? Would the vulgaris be a good substitute? I am looking for a tall autumn accent plant for the back of my garden and I do a lot of wreath making.

Artemisia lactiflora is also known as "white mugwort". It is one of several important Artemisia species from China. Indeed, it is a good accent plant as you mention and indeed it would be a good candidate for North American herb gardens. The only reason it is not available from Richters is because there are no reliable seed suppliers at present, and we have not yet worked with plants to establish a stock from which we can propagate plants for sale. It is something that we may add in the future.

For substitutes suitable for your wreaths the odinary sweet wormwood, or better yet the spice bush sweet wormwood would be your best choices. Any of the taller growing wormwoods would work well too.

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