Unknown Herbs: Angel Wings and Jezebel Root
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Kelly
Posted on: November 25, 2002

I have come across two herbs, one of which was purchased at a wiccan supply store that I needed for a wiccan ceremony, it was called angel wings. I would like to know if you have any info. on any other uses for this herb, if in fact it is an herb. I also found an herb called jezebel root but cannot find any info on this either. Please share any info you may have on either one of these. The angel wings resemble the leaves of a dried silver dollar plant. thank you for anything you may find.

We are not familiar with either herb. "Angel wings" are sold for use in potpourris but none of the suppliers we consulted knew the botanical name. A few suppliers list the origin as India, but none of our Indian botanical references list any plants under this name.

Jezebel root is equally mysterious. There was a discussion on the identity of this root in the Usenet newsgroup alt.folklore.herbs in 2001 but no conclusion was drawn. There are suppliers catering to Wiccans that are offering this root, but most do not list a botanical name. One supplier suggests that jezebel root is from a plant growing in Java and Malaysia called Freycinetia gaudichaudii, but I could not find any independent corroboration of this and I am not confident of the reliability of the information source because the latin name given was misspelled as "Freycinetia gaudick".

You have piqued my interest in these obscure herbs. I shall keep my eyes open for more information about these herbs.

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