Origin of Inchelium Red Garlic
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Sindy
Posted on: April 07, 2006

I am a native American food researcher. I was reading (and very much enjoying) Richters’ 2006 catalogue and noticed that Inchelium Red Garlic is stated as having been found on an Indian reservation. I was just wondering if you, or anyone at Richters knew which reservation this was.

According to our grower ‘Inchelium Red’ garlic was first discovered on the Colville Indian Reservation. The reservation is in Washington State and there is a town by the name of Inchelium there. A man by the name of Larry Geno is credited with discovering the variety on the reservation, but how it got to the reservation in the first place is unknown.

I suspect this Larry Geno is the same author and advocate of permaculture who worked in Canada and the U.S. and is now running a bush food nursery in Australia. Dr. Larry Geno previously operated a nursery in Washington growing chestnuts and once served the American Chestnut Foundation as its Pacific Northwest Coordinator. According a recent bio on him, he has published over 30 books and articles on "tree crops, forestry, sustainability, alternate energy,ecological design, and organics."


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