Fuzzy Mint: What Is It?
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Deborah Wickiser
Posted on: June 20, 2007

Growing up we had a mint at home that was (of course!) prolific. It was a lighter soft green color, with larger leaves than most mints I see today. It had a mild mint flavor, leaning toward spearminty. But it’s most outstanding characteristic was that the leaves were fuzzy like a peach. We shared it with many people in the town, and all the places I’ve gone to look for it, it’s been gone. It grew at the family home for at least four generations, but the new owners sprayed it all with herbicide since it was so invasive.

Any ideas on what variety of mint it is/was? Or where I might be able to get some more? I always have my eyes open at local plant shops, old homesteads, etc.

Thanks. And thanks for a great herb resource. I just discovered your website and can’t wait to get your catalog.

The mint you are looking for could be a form of apple mint. The basic form of apple mint (Mentha x rotundifolia) does not have the fuzzy, spearminty leaves you describe, but derivatives such as Bowles mint (Mentha x villosa, syn. Mentha alopecuroides) do. Richters does not currently offer Bowles mint.

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