Country of Origin for Dried Herbs
Answered by: Kim Hector
Question from: Kristy
Posted on: November 20, 2012

I am starting a small bakery and have been looking for Ginger and Anise that are sourced/grown either in the USA or Canada. Can you please tell me the country of origin for the dried ginger and anise you offer in your catalog?

Whenever possible, we do our best to find sources for our dried herbs and spices within Canada or the US but not all can be grown or sourced from our countries due to our climactic conditions.

Accordingly, dried herbs come to us from all around the world and the country of origin for each variety changes depending on price, harvest time, availability etc. Most importantly, the country of origin is also dependent on where the plants are trees are native. For example, you would not expect to find a commercial banana plantation or sugar cane plantation in Canada or the US. Although there may be some very adventurous gardeners growing the odd tree or cane in their home greenhouses in North America, commercial local production does not yet exist for many foods and spices that we consume here in North America every day.

At this moment, the current lot of anise that we have in stock came from Egypt. The current lot of ginger that we have is from China.

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