Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Boneset, Chocolate (White Snakeroot
Botanical Name   Eupatorium rugosum chocolate
System Affected   unrinary, diarrhea
Properties   painful urination, kidney stones, diarrhea As a poultice: snakebites
Description   dark bronze leaves, white flowers
Notes   do not ingest the fresh herb
Toxicity   fresh plant contains tremetone- toxic

Botanical Name   Eupatorium perfoliatum
System Affected   colds/flu, persperation, skin, fever
Properties   produce persperation (diaphoretic) excellent for colds and flu, chest, fever, influenza, coughs tonic (strengthens tissue), enhances immune system Skin diseases (external salve)
Origin   eastern North America
Notes   taken hot for persperation, cold for tonic
Toxicity   contains Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids
Dosage   not recommended for long-term use

Botanical Name   Cichorium intybus
System Affected   digestion, kidney, bladder, liver, lungs
Properties   very good for digestion, kidney, bladder, liver (can detoxify acetaminophen liver poisoning) diuretic, laxative lungs slows rapid heartbeat, mild heart-stimulating effect (like digitalis but safe)
Description   roots of wildflower
Notes   also caled: False Boneset
Toxicity   none
Dosage   ground roots can be mixed with coffee

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