Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

Botanical Name   Thuja occidentalis
System Affected   skin, muscles, menstruation, headache
Properties   Externally: skin conditions and muscular aches Internally: promotes menstruation and relives headaches
Origin   America
Toxicity   may cause miscarriage in pregnant women

    Tansy (Yellow Cedar)
Botanical Name   Tanacetum vulgare
System Affected   skin, memstrual, worms, heart, urine, veins, kidney
Properties   skin (pimples, freckles, sunburn, inflamation), mouth & body ulcers Heart palpitations, back & loins pain Promotes menstrual flow (will cause miscarriage or abortion in pregnant women) Abdominal worms Slow & painful urine discharge Tonic if taken cold, digestion Strengthen weak veins & kidneys migraines Applied directly: lice, scabies, warts Dose for oil is 1-3 drops
Description   leaves & flowers of herb
Origin   Europe, U.S.
Notes   also called: Arbor Vitae, tree of life
Toxicity   overdose may be fatal
Dosage   tea: 1oz herb in 1pint hot water, 2 tbl at a time

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