Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

Botanical Name   Taraxacum officinale
System Affected   liver, blood, skin, diuretic, kidney, organs
Properties   Detoxify poisons in liver; bowel, fluid accumulation pneumonia, upper respiratory Lowers blood pressure, tuberculosis of lymphatic gland, swelling diabetes skin diseases, scurvy, bones, osteoporosis heart, kidney, spleen, stomach, pancreas moderate purgative, diuretic female organs eaten green (in salad): purify blood & destroy acids in blood, releaves anemic conditions memory tonsillitus(simmer 1oz root in 2-3 cups water) external: warts, acne, age spots
Description   dried root & roots of herb
Notes   roots can be baked/dried and ground into coffee
Toxicity   none

    Lyreleaf Sage (cancerweed)
Botanical Name   Salvia lyrata
System Affected   cancer
Properties   cancer roots: sores tea: colds, coughs, nervous conditions
Description   purple-blue flowers, dandelion-like leaf
Origin   North America
Toxicity   none

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