Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Hyssop, Hedge
Botanical Name   Gratiola officinalis
System Affected   eczema, scrofula, jaundice, dropsy
Properties   chronic eczema, scrofula, jaundice, dropsy
Notes   use with medical supervision
Toxicity   violent prugative

Botanical Name   Hyssopus offucinalis
System Affected   asthma, blood pressure, eyes, excretory, bruises, HIV
Properties   excellent for asthma, blood pressure eyes, liver, yellow jaundice coughs, colds, pulmonary tuberculosis w/ pickled figs cleans intestinal tract, reduces lymphatic fluid bruises, cuts (apply direct w/ wine & warm water) epileptics general body cleaner HIV Hyssop-leaf Thoroughwort: bladder, kidney, skin, uterus, stomach
Description   whole plant, but usually leaf
Origin   europe, mid east

    Toronjil Morado (Toronjil Rojo)
Botanical Name   Agastache mexicana
System Affected   digestion, weight control, nervous system
Properties   digestion relieves flatulence, indigestion, and dyspepsia improves appetite weight control, anorexia central nervous system disorders fevers
Description   red purple flowers, lemon-scented leaves
Origin   Mexico
Notes   also called: Mexican Hyssop
Toxicity   safe for children
Dosage   can be used as a tea

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