Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Juniper Berry
Botanical Name   Juniperus communis
System Affected   diabetes, immune, kidney/bladder, disinfectant
Properties   excellent for diabetes, immunity, shortness of breath antiviral Kidney/bladder stimulant(unless have nephritis), urinary blockage dropsy, digestion/stomach, gonorrhea, leucorrhea Disinfectant (spray w/ solution or chew for mouth) vs bacteria/fungus; Aphrodisiac, scurvy, coughs skin, sciatica, strengthens limbs, hemorrhoids, worms gin flavoring prostate
Description   berries of low evergreen tree
Toxicity   Avoid during Pregnancy
Dosage   infusion: soak & boil in water 1/2hr, take 4Xs/day

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