Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Licorice Root
Botanical Name   Glycyrrhiza glabra
System Affected   laxative, heart, circulatory, throat, allergy, cankers
Properties   Mild laxative Strengthen heart & circulatory system Put vitality into body sore throat, Throat & injured throat muscles;arthritis infections, Pneumonia, TB teeth blood sugar, bronchitis, cirrhosis, hypoglycemia, asthma adrenal stim, imetigo antibacterial/fungal/viral, constipation, cough digestion, protect liver, skin, stomach, kidney, heartburn psoriasis, shingles female tonic, menopause baldness anti-inflamatory, ulcer antidepressant gout HIV, prostate Quit smoking
Notes   may be used as non-sugar sweatener
Toxicity   excessive use: headaches, lethargy

Botanical Name   Cassia senna
System Affected   constipation, bowel cleanser
Properties   constipation, more purgative than a laxative, bowel cleanser Infusion: 2oz in 1 pint hot water, stand 1hr, strain, dose is 1 glass every few hrs (may add 1/8oz ginger) Tea: make as infusion, may add rhubarb, casvara bark, anise, jalap root, or licorice root
Description   leaves of low shrub
Origin   Africa (upper/mid Nile), India
Notes   take as infusion or tea
Toxicity   Avoid during Pregnancy

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