Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Lobelia (Indian Tobacco)
Botanical Name   Lobelia inflata
System Affected   bladder, eye, ulcers, nerves, liver, vomiting
Properties   bladder Indian Tobacco: eye coughs, liver, Emetic (induce vomiting) fevers, heart, laryngitis, asthma Ulcers(mix w/ Slipper Elm for poultice on inflamation, ulcer, etc) nervousness, brain tension (combine w/ Pleurisy Root if needed) Internal Bath (1oz herb to 1 quart water, inject thru rectum): when swallowing is difficult
Description   herb & seeds
Notes   also called: Gag Root, Vomit Wort, Emetic Weed
Toxicity   smoked: lung/throat cancer, addictive

    Pleurisy Root
Botanical Name   Asclepias tuberosa
System Affected   lungs
Properties   epectorant, anti-inflamatory for lungs, chest complaints, pleurisy
Description   bright orange-red flowers
Notes   use the roots

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