Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Saw Palmetto Berry
Botanical Name   Serenoa repens, Seronoa serrulata, Sabal serrulata
System Affected   prostate, sexual, nutrition, mentrual, mammary, glands
Properties   excellent for Prostate health bronchitis, catarrhal condition, tuberculosis high cholesterol anti-inflamatory appetite loss asthma, colds, digestion, enuresis, expectorant menstrual, ovarian, obesity, nycturia, spastic colon sterility, testical atrophy thyroid deficiency weight loss, muscle strength female aphrodisiac increase function & size of mammary glands testes function baldness
Description   berries of plant
Origin   SE USA
Toxicity   none
Dosage   1tsp 3Xs/day. Tea:1oz berries in 1/2pint hot water

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