Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Tansy (Yellow Cedar)
Botanical Name   Tanacetum vulgare
System Affected   skin, memstrual, worms, heart, urine, veins, kidney
Properties   skin (pimples, freckles, sunburn, inflamation), mouth & body ulcers Heart palpitations, back & loins pain Promotes menstrual flow (will cause miscarriage or abortion in pregnant women) Abdominal worms Slow & painful urine discharge Tonic if taken cold, digestion Strengthen weak veins & kidneys migraines Applied directly: lice, scabies, warts Dose for oil is 1-3 drops
Description   leaves & flowers of herb
Origin   Europe, U.S.
Notes   also called: Arbor Vitae, tree of life
Toxicity   overdose may be fatal
Dosage   tea: 1oz herb in 1pint hot water, 2 tbl at a time

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