Mark Tierno's Medicinal Herbs Database

    Wu Wei zi (Magnolia Vine)
Botanical Name   Schizandra chinensis xxor schisandra chinensisxy
System Affected   liver, organs, memory, metabolism, respiratrory
Properties   *strong liver protecting properties* hepatitis stimulate gastro-intestinal tract, immune and nervous systems, kidneys and adrenals, and general metabolism improve memory, reflexes, concentration, mental fatigue, insomnia respiratory, energy booster (increases efficiency of Oxygem use), chronic viral infections Modulates blood sugar in diabetics (works well with Bilberry) eyesight aphrodisiac Long term effects: increased metabolic activity, detoxified liver, increased stress and disease
Description   berries of a vine
Origin   China, Korea, Japan
Notes   Also called: O Mi Cha, Schizandra
Toxicity   none; it's an adaptogen and aphrodisiac
Dosage   tea: 2-4 berries in 2cups boiling water for 12mins

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